Hybrid Bt Cotton: Gold-Kuber BG II.

Hybrid Bt Cotton:
Gold Kuber BG-II  (GBCH-85 BG II)

  • Erect plant Type and Suitable for closer planting.
  • Tolerance to sucking pest & Reddening.
  • Suitable for both irrigated and rainfed conditions.
  • Stay green and re-flushing with high number of boll retention.
  • Good fiber Quality with 29-30mm staple length with best fiber tenacity.
  • Boll wt. 4.5 -5.0 gm with wide opening and easy for picking.
  • Well adapted to all central & south zone cotton growing area.
  • Crop matures in 160 to 170 days, duration may prolong under irrigated condition.

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